What Is the Keto Diet? Time To Find Out

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April 3, 2019
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May 16, 2019

What Is the Keto Diet? Time To Find Out

Some people have a hard time staying on a diet because they do not know much about it. They only know what the media pushes. They know what others have told them, but not much else. I have some information about the keto diet listed below. Those of you interested in learning more about it should read further or even check out the 14 days keto challenge review.


1)What is it?

It is supposed to be a high-fat, low-carb diet. The low-carb part is the one that interests people. The reason is what so many people gain weight because of carbs. Did you know there is such a thing as good carbs? Good carbs consist of things like fruits and vegetables. It is the bad carbs like candy bars, cookies, cakes, and processed bread that get everyone into trouble.


2)What is the first guideline?

You will go into a state of “ketosis.” That means that most of your food will come from the “Whole foods’ section, including lots of nuts, avocado, and fatty fish. Items like processed cheese and meats you need to stay away from. That also includes those lunch meats we like to eat. Those are part of the processed family.

One more thing: This diet also includes letting go of bacon. I know that a lot of you like bacon, including myself. You are not allowed bacon on this diet. You better say your goodbyes now if you plan on starting the diet.


2)What about vegetables?

Vegetables are a staple on the keto diet. You better get used to eating them now. You will have to minimize the starchy vegetables. Things like potatoes and beets are going to go bye-bye. I know you love your potatoes, but the diet says they are too starchy.

Vegetables and fruits like avocados and other assorted greens are encouraged.


3)I love protein!

That is a good thing, but you need to eat in moderation. Too much protein, like fish, can have an adverse effect on your overall diet experience. Too much protein is going to turn some of it into glucose. The glucose is what hinders the diet. Glucose does not allow the person to move into the keto state. which is the state you need to be in for the diet to work.


4)Does fasting work?

It depends on the person and their situation. The keto diet is supposed to have a hunger-reducing effect. Moderate fasting every so often is a good thing. It will move the body into a keto state much more quickly.

One way you do that is by using the 4-9 hour window. That means you fast for the other 15-20 hours. You could also use the 1-2 day strategy where you only eat on the off days. That means you reduce your intake by about 80%.

Once again, it is up to the person and their situation.

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