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What Is the Keto Diet? Time To Find Out

Some people have a hard time staying on a diet because they do not know much about it. They only know what the media pushes. They know what others have told them, but not much else. I have some information about the keto diet listed below. Those of you interested in learning more about it should read further or even check out the 14 days keto challenge review.


1)What is it?

It is supposed to be a high-fat, low-carb diet. The low-carb part is the one that interests people. The reason is what so many people gain weight because of carbs. Did you know there is such a thing as good carbs? Good carbs consist of things like fruits and vegetables. It is the bad carbs like candy bars, cookies, cakes, and processed bread that get everyone into trouble.


2)What is the first guideline?

You will go into a state of “ketosis.” That means that most of your food will come from the “Whole foods’ section, including lots of nuts, avocado, and fatty fish. Items like processed cheese and meats you need to stay away from. That also includes those lunch meats we like to eat. Those are part of the processed family.

One more thing: This diet also includes letting go of bacon. I know that a lot of you like bacon, including myself. You are not allowed bacon on this diet. You better say your goodbyes now if you plan on starting the diet.


2)What about vegetables?

Vegetables are a staple on the keto diet. You better get used to eating them now. You will have to minimize the starchy vegetables. Things like potatoes and beets are going to go bye-bye. I know you love your potatoes, but the diet says they are too starchy.

Vegetables and fruits like avocados and other assorted greens are encouraged.


3)I love protein!

That is a good thing, but you need to eat in moderation. Too much protein, like fish, can have an adverse effect on your overall diet experience. Too much protein is going to turn some of it into glucose. The glucose is what hinders the diet. Glucose does not allow the person to move into the keto state. which is the state you need to be in for the diet to work.


4)Does fasting work?

It depends on the person and their situation. The keto diet is supposed to have a hunger-reducing effect. Moderate fasting every so often is a good thing. It will move the body into a keto state much more quickly.

One way you do that is by using the 4-9 hour window. That means you fast for the other 15-20 hours. You could also use the 1-2 day strategy where you only eat on the off days. That means you reduce your intake by about 80%.

Once again, it is up to the person and their situation.

New Approach to Weight Loss

There is no shortage of weight-loss advice available these days, yet we struggle with finding the best weight-loss method almost as much as we struggle with cutting the pounds. Some of us have had tastes of success, shedding a few pounds here and there by following the latest fitness trends, but our results are often temporary and the lifestyle alterations unsustainable. A new approach is needed.

Take Inventory of your Basic Needs

When is the last time you took inventory of your basic needs? One of the biggest pitfalls we encounter when attempting to lose weight is ignoring the fact that our emotional and physical lives intertwine. We have an array of both physiological and psychosocial needs, but we don’t often factor all of them into the weight loss equation. Are you getting quality sleep? Are you experiencing safety in your life? How about belongingness and a sense of importance? Be aware that unmet needs in other parts of your life may thwart even the most valiant of weight-loss attempts. If you are struggling to lose weight, consider whether there are other aspects of your life that need attention in order for physical transformation to occur.

Embrace the Journey

Truly lasting results require long-term lifestyle changes, not short-term solutions. The good news? You can avoid the stress of another extreme intervention. Maybe you’ll even find yourself throwing out your old methods of tracking progress. When the goal is to develop new and healthy long-term lifestyle habits, the focus shifts from tracking progress, towards creating the conditions for weight-loss to occur. For many, this is a needed perspective shift in order to bypass the anxiety and shame that accompanies the initial stages of progress tracking.

If you find yourself motivated by tracking progress as your journey picks up pace, by all means, embrace that too! Embracing the journey means re-evaluating your focus at any given point and allowing yourself the power to decide what’s needed next.

Build a Support System: Internal & External

As social beings we benefit from external accountability. Having others join us on the journey helps reinforce the positive changes we want to sustain. That said, no amount of external cheerleading will overcome an internal naysayer. Though is it tempting to postpone self-acceptance until we reach our goal-weight, withholding self-love is a doomed motivation tactic. Developing an internal support system means appreciating and accepting yourself right now, regardless of where you are in the journey. The point is that you are actively engaged in the journey. Most days, that’s enough. Make sure your diet is on point, you take your supplements , which you can get at Mairanutrition, and you get your excercise in. The rest comes easy.

Devise a Maintenance Plan

How will you pick yourself up when things get difficult? We may initiate our weight loss journey by springboarding in, but at some point we’ve got to find a steady pace that we can maintain. As part of embracing the journey, we must prepare a realistic plan for the long-haul, allowing room for the inevitable ebbs and flows in our motivation.

3 Types of Services Offered at a Medical Spa

Going to an Ethos Spa can be a very relaxing experience for people who want to take advantage of their services. The type of experience, however, that you have will also depend on what kind of services that you are looking for. Since there are different kinds of spas that people have access to today can vary greatly from one to another, you may find that you need the services of a special type with a certain amount of expertise. This is the case if you want to go to a spa that is better known for its medical spa services. To find out more about medical spa services and what they have to offer you, your family and your friends, here are 3 services that may appeal to you.

  1. Laser Hair Removal Services

People have different parts of the body that they like to pay close attention to. In some cases, they may want to ensure the hair on the body is removed properly so that it does not come back so quickly and can be removed without causing unwanted issues and problems with their skin. Thankfully, for those who want to remove the hair from different places on their body, there is an option that they can turn to for these kinds of procedures, and that is to visit a medical spa. With the appropriate medical spa services, people can have their hair removed via a laser technique. Some of the more common places for these laser hair removal techniques include the face and other parts of the body.

  1. Laser Tattoo Removal

Getting a tattoo for some people may be considered a rite of passage for getting older. Though this may be considered to be true for some, it can be also a trend that some people will just follow. It does not matter where the tattoo is placed on the body, it is not uncommon for the person that does it to be asked to tattoo a name, a picture, a saying or any other things that the individual envisions. However, it is also not uncommon for the person who has a tattoo to need it removed.

When this is the situation, the person will need to search out the best place to obtain this service. While a medical physician with the proper training can be an alternative, there are other places like a medical spa that can perform the same treatment. So, if you need a tattoo to be removed from any part of the body, you can seek out these services from a medical spa too.

  1. Micro abrasion Skin Rejuvenation

Getting the skin on the face and other parts of the body to remain smooth is not always as simple as some people may think. Therefore, the individual that is trying to remain young in appearance may find that they can seek out additional outside help from outside of their own home. This help can come from sources like a medical spa who has the skills and expertise to offer their clients a micro abrasion skin rejuvenation treatment.

Never Suffer From Pain Again! Discover Top 5 Reasons You Need Spinal Surgery

Credible studies exploring the efficacy and practice of spinal surgery concludes that; non-operative treatment is sufficient for nearly 90 percent of patient cases. Spinal injury, in itself, differs greatly from one patient to another, making personalized treatment a pragmatic approach for successful therapy. Today’s widely applied non-operative measures include spinal injections, medication management, physical therapy or polytherapy options. In any situation, a patient should exhaustively research every recourse before settling for spinal surgery. It’s imperative to learn the different back, neck or spinal complications that require surgical intervention and those that do not.

Largely, practitioners recommend spinal intervention when all non-operative techniques fail to remedy the root cause of discomfort. Of the countless circumstances prompting sufferers to undergo spinal surgery today, nerve compression remains a widespread concern. The fact that the condition is progressively symptomatic, nerve compression generally manifest a spate of prodromes. Muscle weakness, chronic pain, tingling sensation, and numbness are typical examples of such symptoms. The root problem of nerve compression varies, however, spinal stenosis and one or multiple disc herniation are common triggers. In an effort to repair any underlying damage and prevent long-term impairment, spinal surgery such as laminectomy is sometimes applicable. DLIF (Direct Lateral Interbody Fusion), XLIF (Extreme Lateral Interbody Fusion); and ALIF (Anterior Lumbar Interbody) have also become standard treatment for nerve-related spinal complications today.

Lumbar Instability (spinal) is another complication that often requires surgical intervention to correct minor to moderate structural impairment. When the spine is unstable, it’s incapable of protecting and supporting body functions. Muscles are likely to weaken as problems with spinal ligaments, bones, and discs within the vertebral column progress. Spondylolisthesis, spinal fractures, and some severe disc injuries can eventually cause progressive instability that impairs normal functions. Nerve compression, neurological complication, leg pain, and intractable back syndrome are also common symptoms of lumbar instability. Orthopedic surgeons recommend Lateral Interbody Fusion, PLIF (Posterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion) and ALIF (Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion) for spinal instability.

Aging and natural structural degeneration within the vertebral column is also a stressor that compromises spinal alignment. While non-surgical corrective procedures can remedy certain symptoms brought on by kyphosis and scoliosis, every case is subjective. However, surgical intervention is practical when such degenerative conditions compromise the natural spinal curvature. For example, realignment through spinal surgery is necessary to remedy the symptoms of chronic flat-back syndrome.

In most situations, a vertebral compression fracture normally heals within weeks naturally. With physical therapy, including yoga, spinal manipulation, exercise, acupuncture and massage, healing progresses faster. Ultimately, a patient should experience complete relief as symptoms subside. Although this is the norm, some more severe cases affecting the bladder, mobility and bowel control indicate a deeper problem. With this happening, providing stability and mechanical support to the spine through spinal surgery can give long-term relief.

Spinal arthritis encompasses nerve-related compression from bone spurs. Furthermore, it’s a root cause of spinal stenosis seen in cases today, a formal evaluation is standard to determine which treatment plan provides the absolute outcome. Although spinal surgery is almost always a recommendation, it’s of paramount importance one discusses every option with a specialist (visit Joshua S. Rovner, MD – Progressive Spine & Orthopaedics if you are from NJ). Consequently, considering conservative treatment can help restore functionality, but this varies from one patient to the next. The wait can sometimes precipitate the condition, ultimately causing permanent impairment. So, discussing all symptoms with an orthopedic surgeon makes formulating an optimal treatment solution easier.

What You Should Know About Arthritis

On occasion, it seems that every person from your local gardener, next door neighbor and the medical society has a quick cure for arthritis pain and the relief therein. And if you are “research minded” and serious about your arthritis you might discover that there are not only more than 100 different types but the same amount of solutions as well. Also, if you are in the “elderly” category, with knuckles and fingers that swell, you might think you were personally targeted with a bulls-eye on your back leaving the younger people alone. Many years ago one smart doctor who was suffering from arthritis pain found that good old reliable “cortisone” can not only help the pain of arthritis, but be a safe remedy, as well. This same doctor also discovered a couple of other facts about cortisone; your body produces its own version of cortisone. At the same time he also found that most elderly men and women are simply deficient in this natural product and it’s called: hydro-cortisone.

Your Introduction to the Most Common Arthritis: Osteoarthritis!

While typically seen in senior men and women, the fact is that anyone can be a target. As you age and your joint cartilage has a serious breakdown, the result is arthritis – an equal opportunity annoyer, who enjoys affecting your fingers, knuckles, hands, knees, hips and spine and most any other part of a body it wants. In terms of cures, it might be wise to contact a specialist and have some X-rays and blood work done to determine how bad things really are. In the meantime some over-the-counter drugs can be helpful to relieve the pain, soreness and swelling, but be careful not to abuse the intake of ibuprofen, naproxen or aspirin since it can bring on an upset stomach. You can also consider purchasing some CBD drops as some recent studies have found that Cannabidiol can be effective at treating arthritis symptoms. You might also talk with your grandparents about what they used to ease the arthritic headache. Back in those days, rubbing castor oil on the affected areas worked wonders for pain.

Note: Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts to ponder if you have arthritis pain:

* Do visit a doctor who specializes in arthritis problems to make sure your joints are not damaged. And get a clear picture of your overall health, not just for arthritis.

* An everyday routine treatment you should undertake faithfully is some kind of gentle exercise and apply that treatment in the evening so you’ll feel less stiff in the morning.

* As a treatment option for arthritis pain if you do a lot of sitting or watching TV or on your computer, be sure to adjust your position frequently.

* Periodically, gently tilt your head back and forth, shake your hands, wiggle your toes and get up and stretch your legs.

* Pace yourself. Take breaks now and then so you don’t overuse a particular body joint.

Lifelong detox

When you think of detox, you can only think about weight loss. But, detoxing your body is more than the weight loss. Detox is an effective way to clean your body by flushing out all the toxins and boosting your metabolism to improve your overall health.

Detoxing helps you get a clear and glowing skin with increased energy level and improved digestion. It helps detoxing organs of the body, i.e. the liver, kidneys, and bowel to load off for a while and perform better.

With detoxing your body, you will feel healthier, younger and more energetic. So, why to detox your body just for a few days. Rather make it a lifelong practice with the following changes in lifestyle for a wonderful life ahead:

Water, water, and water:

Start your day with at least 24 to 32 ounces of water with one lemon squeezed in it as soon as you wake up. Just not gulp the whole glass of water, but drink it slowly. Also, makes sure you drink at least 2 liters of water throughout the day.

Drinking water first thing in the morning supports in the lymphatic system (i.e. liver), digestion and weight loss. It also aids in curbing hunger and boosting the metabolism.


lemon-1578380_640Green vegetable juice:

Green vegetables are full of so many essential nutrients. They should become the important part of your diet. To make sure you consume sufficient green vegetables, you should take one or two cups of freshly pressed green juice once in a day.

Green vegetables have chlorophyll that helps in blood regeneration and also has anti- cancer and anti-inflammatory properties.

The best time to have green juice is after finishing your morning water.

Green smoothie breakfast:

Having green smoothie breakfast keeps you full and satiated throughout the day. Greens have lots of fibers in it that also helps in improving your digestive system.

For first timers, having a green smoothie can be a challenging. But, you start with just 1/4th of a cup initially and slowly increasing the quantity as you get the taste.


Healthy snacking:

You need to make sure that when you feel hungry between the meals, then, you snack on healthy food items like, nuts, fruits, yogurts, sprouts etc.

Fruits are the best things to snack on with so many vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fibers in them.

Apart from these, you need to make sure that you eat clean and healthy food during all meal times. Having cheat meals once in a while is ok, but it should not become your regular food. You also need to do some physical activity. Even, a 30 minutes’ walk will make a difference.

Detoxification should not be hard on you. Make it a practice of everyday life by slowly changing your daily habits.