Everything You Need To Know About Medical Cannabis Strains

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Everything You Need To Know About Medical Cannabis Strains

The medical cannabis market is full of different types of strains. To help you be more prepared next time you visit your cannabis clinic, we have prepared this guide so that you know what to expect and what to get.

Proper Compositional Strains:


THC-CBD Balanced Strains:


A growing body of medical evidence suggests that a balanced mix of THC and CBD provides the optimum therapeutic advantages. This ratio is being evaluated for its usefulness against illnesses such as skin disease, autism, fibromyalgia, and some forms of cancer, in addition to treating difficulties such as sleeplessness, discomfort, and muscle spasms.

CBD Dominant Strains:


CBD dominant strains can treat various medical illnesses such as treatment-resistant seizures and depression, Crohn’s disease, sclerosis, hypertension, and diarrhoea. Treatments are frequently initiated with a CBD-dominant strain since many users want to avoid the “high” that may result from a THC-dominant strain.

THC Dominant Strain:


Because it promotes appetite and lowers nausea, THC can be a useful therapeutic for illnesses such as severe pain and post-chemotherapy treatment. It can also help with inflammation and muscular control, and coordination. Euphoria, a good mood, and relaxation are possible side effects. It is still preferable to combine THC with CBD to alleviate any anxiety caused by THC-dominant therapy. Other ratios may be employed in some cases; for example, a strain with a greater CBD concentration may be recommended if a patient is sensitive to THC. The high CBD concentration guarantees that the effect of THC is mitigated, allowing patients to get both advantages.

Some Popular Strains:


Blue Dream:


Because Blue Dream is an Indica-Sativa hybrid, its percentages don’t overwhelm you but rather bring about a lot of balance. Blue Dream is soothing, and it doesn’t seem completely sedate you. This makes it ideal for reducing discomfort, such as cramps or inflammation when you can’t afford to rest. Additionally, it improves your mood and makes you feel euphoric.

Black Magic Kush:


Black Magic, one of the most popular kush strains available for medical marijuana, got its name from the crystals’ appearance of pure black darkness. The pleasant high provided by its pinene terpenes is ideal for treating insomnia or kicking the daily blues after work.

LA Confidential:


Another strain known to relieve stress and induce sleep, LA Confidential, is frequently utilized for insomnia. As a result of the fact that it is rumoured to have observable anti-inflammatory and pain-reducing properties, it is a popular choice among those who suffer from chronic pain.

Afghan Kush:


Afghan Kush has roots in the Hindu Kush mountains, which are close to the Pakistani and Afghan borders. This can also make you feel hungry if you don’t have any appetite, and it can also ease discomfort.

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