Is it safe to use home teeth whitening products?

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Is it safe to use home teeth whitening products?

Whitening your teeth using home teeth whitening products is an option if you do not want to have it done at a dental clinic. Is it safe to use home teeth whitening products, though, or are there problems you may experience if you use them?

The safety of whitening your teeth at home — With a variety of self-whitening products on the market, stripes, solutions, Tandblekning Hemma, and more many consumers do wonder if they are safe or if they could damage their teeth.

In fact, as long as you follow the directions that come with any home teeth whitening product, they are completely safe to use.

Just make sure you do not leave the gel, cream or whitening strips on your teeth longer than the manufacturer recommends, and be sure to clean your teeth properly after use.


How often should you use them? — It depends on the product you use, and on the manufacturer’s recommendation.

The first time you use them, you will have to use them every day for at least two to three weeks. It takes that long for the home whitening kits to bleach your teeth to the shade of white you want.

Once your teeth are white, however, you should not use them more than four to six times a year in order to keep them at their whitest.

If you use them more often that this, you could notice your teeth becoming sensitive to hot or cold liquids over time. This is due to the chemicals in them eroding the enamel on your teeth.

The ADA Seal of Acceptance — If you are still not sure if the whitening product you are thinking of buying is safe, you can always look for products that have the ADA seal of acceptance.

This denotes a teeth whitener that has been tested by the American Dental Association.

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